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November 2011

Gorgeous new Designer Collections at SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ for Spring/Summer 2012

Gorgeous new Designer Collections at SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ for Spring/Summer 2012 Jayde by Melissa Kandiyoti Beauty and the Beast Cuff
Gorgeous new Designer Collections at SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ for Spring/Summer 2012 Kenneth Jay Lane Caterpillar Brooch
Gorgeous new Designer Collections at SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ for Spring/Summer 2012 Legend Collier

SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ places enormous emphasis on its role as curator of collections created by the legends of global jewelry design using SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Through its SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ concept stores, the company provides an international retail platform where carefully selected, beautifully crafted jewelry from both emerging and established talents are presented to a worldwide audience. Below are some of the exciting new designer collections that will be available in-store for Spring/Summer 2012.


Isaac Manevitz is the brain behind this season’s Cord Collection for his label, Ben-Amun. With its delicate blend of twisted rope in neutral tones, intertwined with touches of gold and made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, the necklace and bangles transmit a sense of muted elegance. These are chic, ethereal pieces that will appeal to stylish women everywhere.

Bibi Bijoux

Launched in 1999, Bibi Bijoux has grown into an international brand with a comprehensive collection that is handcrafted in their studio in the Netherlands. Their latest Joyful bracelets are made from brightly colored, intricately woven threads embellished with sparkling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS: a blend of modern Baroque and cheerful boho chic.

Carlo Zini

Carlo Zini jewelry oozes retro charm with a hint of irony and is epitomized by the newest collection, Crown. Using a regal motif – a crown studded with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS – it comes as a glittering pendant suspended from a chain, available in either gold or silver. The same crown motif serves as an opulent decoration on a striking choker made with black SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Gas Bijoux

Gas Bijoux’s style is a delightful blend of hippy chic and precision craftsmanship. His latest Sequin Collection is a range of custom-made earrings crafted from extravagantly detailed filigree metalwork made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. These are available in a chandelier style or as a delightful heart shape suspended from a circle.

Hely Designs

Israeli designer Hely Rotbard is known for chic, attention-grabbing jewelry that is perfectly suited to modern, urban lifestyles. Whether it is the powerful simplicity of Antarctica necklace and bracelets, the bold geometry of her Fusion necklace and bracelet, or the intricate tracery of her Oriental earrings, her work blends SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS with high-quality metals, and is inspired by simple themes of love and joy.

JANIS by Janis Savitt™

Savitt’s label, JANIS, is synonymous with handcrafted, classic pieces with a sleek and contemporary twist. Appropriately named Geometric, her new collection is reminiscent of the pure lines and sharp angles of the Art Deco era. Composed of rows of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in the shape of a triangle linked to a silver chain, the necklace is echoed in matching pairs of earposts, one triangular and the other a square.

Jayde by Melissa Kandiyoti

The clean lines of Kandiyoti’s latest necklace design, Art Deco Trapez, create a crystal-adorned, 1920s fan shape – vintage Art Deco mixed with the modern glamour of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The earrings and cuff from her Beauty and the Beast collection have petals and leaves as a motif – the cuff even boasts a tiny ladybird. With it are two styles of beautiful matching earrings – graceful leaf earclips and floral hoops.

Kenneth Jay Lane

Nature provides the theme for Kenneth Jay Lane’s Caterpillar & Funky Flowers: floral earclips made with turquoise crystal petals around an exuberant pink baguette, with a blue tone-on-tone option, and smart caterpillar brooches fashioned from two colors of beads. His Coral Reef & Oracle collection is equally witty, the bangles studded with a vibrant crystal ‘reef’, and the smooth, high domes of the rings set with a contrasting crystal.

Kenny Ma

Kenny Ma’s latest Maple collection comprises two gorgeous evening purses of unparalleled refinement and delicacy. Finely crafted from brass treated with an aging process to produce Ma’s trademark vintage gold and antique silver overlay, they are intricately made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to create desirable modern collectibles.

Martine Wester

Wester’s jewelry is always lustrously feminine. Innocent brings to mind the friendship bracelet: young and fun, made with colorful cord, coordinating SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and heart-shaped clasps and charms. The Serene collection necklaces use the same materials in the silvery-white shades of moonlight. Inspired by motion and water, the raw stones, opals and unfoiled crystal confer understated glamour.


With their trademark intricate knotting and beadwork, using silk, leather, semi-precious stones and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, this talented British team has come up with the Atomic collection. Inspired by the rock ‘n’ roll edginess of Debbie Harry and Kate Moss, the Atomic collier, as well as the Atomic Opulent and Atomic Simple bracelets, come in bronze, burnished gold and warm brown, creating a feeling of free-spirited glamour.

Schield Collection

Influenced by fairytales, films and contemporary art, the hip and sassy jewelry of this talented Italian creative team has a vintage, feminine feel, laced with irony. Their newest collection, Stella, is a witty wordplay on its theme, the star shape, which symbolizes strength and beauty. Encrusted with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in brilliantly pastel-colored enamel settings, the result is an ultra trendy collection of necklace, bangle and rings. 

The Earring Boutique

Ashley Wells’ distinctive designs light up flagship fashion magazines. Her two newest collections are luminous and fragile, romantic and nostalgic. Heirloom’s exquisitely dainty earclips and matching tiara are decorated with stylized flowers smothered in SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The leopard’s head motif in Nocturne’s delicate bracelet and earrings, also covered in glittering SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, provides a cleverly functional design element.

Unsigned Model Search discovers two shining stars
Talent-spotting agency Unsigned toured the length and breadth of Britain in their search for two new promising models to become the new faces of the SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ Spring/Summer 2012 advertising campaign. The quest is now over. A male and a female model have been chosen to showcase the latest jewelry from the dazzling SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ Spring/Summer 2012 collection. In an intriguing and very special photo-shoot by the world famous photographer and supermodel, Helena Christensen, the lucky pair is set poised to rocket into the world of high fashion.


SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™, the creative concept store offering unique jewelry and accessories made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, presents its customizable own-brand collection for Spring/Summer 2012. With the principle of daily, casual glamour at the heart of its design philosophy, the focus of this collection lies on precious metals. All of these beautiful pieces can be found at SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ concept stores in New York, London, Shanghai; in-store boutiques in Swarovski Kristallwelten in Wattens, Swarovski Innsbruck, and Swarovski Vienna; and online at

The relationship between happiness, authenticity and harmony with nature provides the theme for this striking, customizable jewelry collection. With the emphasis on gold, with silver and bursts of iridescence, the pieces seem infused with the power of the sun. Designed to be worn effortlessly, mixed and matched to suit mood and individuality, this collection signals easy-going glamour.

Shooting Star exerts a mystical, talismanic pull. Circular, flat pendants on bold chains recall the great golden disc with which the Incas depicted the sun. Available in either silver or gold, as a long necklace with either a large or a smaller disc, each disc is encrusted with glittering SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that catch and reflect the light.

The pleasing geometry of the Legend collier, necklace and bracelets, with their sunray motif of precisely structured rows of baguette crystals, reflects the warmth and brightness of summertime.

In the Paradise collection of short earrings, ring and pendant, a magnificent sunburst of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS radiates outwards from a large, central statement crystal, creating an uplifting expression of happiness.

Named after the lovely Roman goddess, Aurora, delicacy and translucency are the hallmarks of these elegant pieces crafted in the new shade of Crystal Golden Shadow.

Sensual and laden with tribal connotations, the Amazon long necklace, pendant, earrings and bracelet come in two designs: luminescent, pastel shades of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and pearls set in a fluid cascade of silver; or with crystals in warm browns, copper and bronze set in richly burnished gold. The effect is one of goddess-warrior chic.

Nature’s cyclical pattern of renewal is encapsulated in the Eternal necklace and bracelet, a beautifully balanced interplay of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and circles.

Pure elegance characterizes the Heavenly collection. The Light necklace and earrings are airy confections of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and simple, silver chains. Their sister pieces, the Heavenly necklace and bracelet, are made from 1028 Xilion Chaton in Crystal F and the new Crystal Bronze Shade. Wear them separately on neck and wrist, or link the bracelet to the necklace to form a single, more ornate piece.

Chokers worn high and collar-tight have long drawn subtle attention to slender necks. Icon is a modern classic in two styles: one has four rows of glittering jet black pearls with a front detail of small, looped golden chains, suggesting knowing sophistication; the other has creamy white pearls and silver chains, suggesting innocent prettiness.

No SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ collection is complete without a jaw-dropping assortment of Bracelets made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and base materials such as leather and fabric. Effortlessly customizable, always on-trend and immune from the vagaries of seasonal change, these are worn by fashionistas in eclectic combinations to make a bold, on-trend statement.

The SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZEDTM Spring/Summer 2012 collection enables smart women to satisfy their inner creativity with sparkling and luxurious pieces radiating confidence and allure.