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September 2009

Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™: New Concept Store Dazzles New York

NYC 08 New Concept Store
NYC 03 New Concept Store

In summer 2009, Swarovski launched its innovative new concept store, Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™, in a prime New York City location – 499 Broadway. The 5,000 square- foot flagship store is the only one of its kind in the U.S., a unique, creative playground where customers can experience the seductive allure of CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements. For the very first time Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ offers a sparkling opportunity to customize jewelry, alongside an extensive new line of ready-to-wear and exclusive designer jewelry. The store also includes an inspirational relaxation and exhibition space – the Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ Lounge.

The Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ Store
Under the catch-cry “Express yourself”, the Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ Store provides a host of glittering treasures for fashion-forward individuals. Seasonal and exclusive limited-edition collections created in collaboration with world-class designers are introduced throughout the year, with cutting-edge pieces from names such as Andrée Putman, Philippe Ferrandis and Janis by Janis Savitt. Customers will also find a dazzling range of ready-to-wear jewelry, each tailored to a different style mood: Glamorous, Classic, Romantic, Natural or Modern. Those looking to express their individual style can either draw inspiration from and customize existing designs, or purchase sparkling ready-to-wear pieces. In line with the growing enthusiasm for unique, personalized pieces, the store offers access to more than 2,000 CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements, an infinite range of crystal colors, cuts and shapes, presented in an accessible, super-chic “Library of Light”.

Jewelry Store and Personal Stylist
For those who require a helping hand, interactive fun can be had with two specially created software tools. The online Jewelry Store’s design tool allows customers to discover their design preferences and create customized pieces. The tool can be used at home or in-store, where staff can offer hands-on guidance. It offers a whole range of individual templates, where crystal colors, shapes and cuts can be altered.

The final designs are then made to order and available for pick-up at the store within two weeks: a bespoke design service providing a touch of celebrity glamour. High-quality service and consultancy are also offered via the Personal Stylist, an innovative tool that matches crystal shapes, colors and designs to hair and eye color, skin tone, facial shape and features. Customers also select one of the five style moods to ensure each jewelry design is a flattering expression of their individual taste and personality. Again the online tool can be used at home or in-store, where staff members offer in-store guidance to help visitors unlock the secrets of their own unique style. All information is collated on a personalized set card which can be printed out for future reference.

Both services are also available online at

Unlimited – the All-Access Artistic Members Club
Under the slogan “Be Unlimited”, customers are invited to join an all-access artistic club, designed to bring together like-minded creative, fashion, and lifestyle oriented people. Members receive an Unlimited club card, the entry key to an exclusive program of fashion and design events in the Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ Lounge, as well as seasonal promotions and a range of special benefits. Prospective Unlimited club members can register after making one in-store purchase and receive a sparkling crystal gift as part of their personal welcome package.

The Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ Lounge – Tranquil, Refreshing, Inspirational
Reflecting the multifaceted world of Swarovski and its product brand CRYSTALLIZED ™ – Swarovski Elements, the Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ Lounge celebrates the beauty of crystal. A light-filled bar, relaxed seating areas and an exhibition space provide the setting for special events and live video streams as well as periodical exhibitions featuring inspirational collaborations with world-renowned fashion, jewelry and interior designers. The Lounge offers a tranquil, crystal-bedecked space in which customers can relax and enjoy light refreshments or can be reserved for private events by external clients.

The Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ E-commerce Website
An artistic, inspiring space to customize your own piece of jewelry, the Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ store in New York offers a unique retail concept which includes an extended online service that invites everyone to get creative and to order online by simply logging on to The new platform allows users to choose between two Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ online components. The “Jewelry Store”, offers enchanting ready-to-wear jewelry or for a true sense of individuality, the ability to design your own piece of jewelry without the usual bespoke price tag. The “Elements Store” is the ideal online location to purchase loose CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements in addition to a range of associated products and accessories.