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May 2009

Daniel Swarovski 20th Anniversary

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Autumn/Winter 2009/10 Collection

1989 – 2009: The Daniel Swarovski collection of couture jewellery and accessories has enchanted, surprised and inspired for two decades.
For the last 20 years, this creative laboratory has been producing the most unexpected, the most audacious and also the most poetic of creations, highlighting the extraordinary talent with which Swarovski has been sublimating crystal since 1895. After revolutionising the fashion accessory and jewellery scene, it was a natural step for Swarovski, in a desire to express the most accomplished form of its art, to launch its couture collection in 1989 under the creative guidance of Rosemarie Le Gallais. The creation of the Daniel Swarovski collection has been a welcome ally in the incessant quest for perfection and innovation, which is one of the main drivers of Swarovski.

Under the artistic direction of Nathalie Colin, Daniel Swarovski has chosen to celebrate its 20th anniversary with a stunning collection comprising 20 bags and 20 pieces of jewellery. These exceptional works pay tribute to the unsurpassed tradition of fusing opulence, precision and refinement. Years of research in wedding crystals with precious materials and stones, years of perfecting the application of crystal ensure a concentration of magic and sparkle which more than ever combines creation, innovation and perfection.
For 20 years, this couture collection has been the source of accessories which have since become fêted Swarovski icons, like the “Nirvana” ring, the “Kiosque” bag, and the “Kyrat” pendant: a cascade of inspiration and creativity which continues to nourish the most affordable Swarovski collections.

Through the Autumn-Winter 2009/10 collection, which celebrates this twentieth anniversary, 20 bags and 20 pieces of jewellery present the best of two decades of couture collection heritage, playing on the exceptional down to the smallest details. Elaborate shapes compose an ode to the pieces dear to the Daniel Swarovski collection, based on inventiveness and on the preciousness of techniques, and the way they take shape. The anniversary collection includes oversized rings, glamorous clutches, precious evening bags and spectacular necklaces.
Infused with art deco inspiration in an homage to the very first collection created in 1989, the collection revolves around the elegant, feminine and timeless colours of black, gold and silver.

Hidden behind the sumptuous jewellery and the spectacular bags are innovative and sometimes exclusive techniques.
The first major innovation is Crystal Mesh, a genuine revolution where crystal melts into a supple flowing like a river of crystal as applied for the “Sublime” and “Opera” evening bags. This so very supple material is the emblematic signature of Swarovski, giving Daniel Swarovski creations a very modern elegance.

Daniel Swarovski has perfected specialized techniques such as the bezel setting and threading or embroidering crystal. These are just some of the many expressions of a degree of refinement, which lends true uniqueness to the luxury and exclusivity of these handcrafted works of art.
Miniature and oversized crystals string, braid and weave themselves like pieces of lace mingling with precious materials. The “Homage” and “Broadway” evening bags are thus transformed into veritable jewels. The embroidery of the crystal beads lends an air of abundance to the “Revelation” and “Opus” bags, the latter requiring more than thirty hours of work to complete.

With its crystal baguettes evoking a roaring twenties design, the “Deluxe” bag expresses the height of art deco inspiration. However, this is not its only distinguishing feature. This bag is adorned with a surprising clasp which showcases a new technique from the Daniel Swarovski collection: a crystal floating within a cut crystal stone, as if suspended in mid air. Light and fascinating, this floating chaton can also be found on the “On The Rocks” ring where it unfolds its eye-catching sparkle.
As the qualities of cut crystal enable it to combine beautifully with the most precious of stones, Daniel Swarovski has always dared to make unexpected combinations. It is with virtuosity and audacity that the “So Posh” clutch bag brings together more than 20 different crystal stones in an unheard-of masterpiece of marquetry, while the “Jet Set” clutch is adorned with a silver mounted diamond, and the “Desire” accessories display a three-millimetre diamond which underlines the mystery and the enchantment of the black stone.

By a skilful set of cuts requiring the utmost degree of technical skill, the “Dream Box” clutch bag delicately carves out the crystal pavé to uncover the Swarovski Swanflower™ signature, which appears like a luxurious stencil. This same signature recurs on the “Precious” ring by means of the Pointiage® technique.

Always looking for new experiences whilst celebrating individuality, Nathalie Colin challenges accessories by envisaging several ways to wear the same object, according to the mood of the moment. This can be seen in pieces such as the original “Jet Set” clasp ring, the faceted mirror incorporated in the “Rival” bag, and the new way to wear the “Hot Couture” earrings, which take on the form of earphones.

The anniversary collection also draws inspiration from the extraordinary legacy of the Daniel Swarovski couture collection and has revived some real treasures, including special stones whose beauty and refinement have exclusively been employed in the couture collection. These vintage stones show their unique character on several pieces, as on the “Mirage” bag with its impressive clasp in Jet Hematite crystal, on the opulent “Hot Couture” necklace, or on the “Homage” bag in black duchess satin.

The latest exclusive Swarovski innovation, Pointiage® offers a jewellery-type finish in tone-on-tone or subtly harmonious colours on the “Celebrity”, “Precious” and “Star” rings or on the luxurious clasp of the “Oscar” bag and its matching bracelet.
This method of hand setting enhances the crystal to a fantastic degree, bringing out its sparkle, shine and reflections, and enabling audacious designs where curves and shapes harmonise with one another. And as is often the case when perfection is on hand, the apparent simplicity is in fact hiding the latest technology.

While these exclusive processes illustrate the expertise of Daniel Swarovski, they must not outshine Swarovski’s signature shape: the very facet of the crystal. The precision of the cut facet constitutes in itself an ever-evolving prowess, and is celebrated by the “Rival” bag and the “Dedicace” bag in precious crocodile skin sprinkled with gold.

A veritable expression of poetic jubilation in a couture spirit, this homage to its founder Daniel Swarovski I finds its true meaning in exceptional craftsmanship and unique expertise.
Welcome to a world of sophisticated opulence, poetry, precision, light and glamour, which has been delighting women and accompanied celebrities on the red carpet for 20 years.